PC-Encrypt Inc. provides exceptionally strong and robust, encryption software for E-mail, Files/Folders, and E-Documents. Our software works on ALL Windows, and ALL E-mail. In the time it takes you to read this information, you can download/install our security software, and encrypt your private information.

Unlike many encryption products, the PC-Encrypt Inc. products are SIMPLE enough to use by ALL – IMMEDIATELY, without training! Best of all, the encryption products are FREE, with no time or usage restrictions. There is no excuse for not securing your private information against the increasing number of viruses and direct probes seeking to steal confidential information stored on your computer, or to prevent snooping while sent via E-mail over the open Internet.

For those requring the ultimate in security strength, purchase of the products results in a phenomenal 448-bit (56-character password) strength in North America, and our process allows for additional registrations for laptops, etc. The free version provides a respectable 56-bit (7-character) strength for encryption, yet can decrypt any strength up to the maximum. This enables the ultimate in flexibility, where the sender can determine the desired strength, and the recipient needs to take no action beyond installing the free version.

The PC-Encrypt Inc. security products have been carefully designed to be extremely compact and efficient. This results in quick download/install, and very fast operation, and if you are travelling, you can carry a copy on diskette for immediate use anywhere, anytime.

Operation is SIMPLE – you and the recipient(s) share a secret password. The secret password can be distributed by telephone, fax, website, or by using our free “Key-Exchange” service. It may be a password already in use such as an account code, or website password, etc. It may be as simple as a shared secret such as “the restaurant where we last met”, or “Aunt Molly’s maiden name”, etc. Our free “Key-Exchange” service will either generate a random password and distribute to you and others, or you can enter your chosen password, and have it distributed to others securely by E-mail. Note: we do NOT record or retain the passwords.

You do not need to remember passwords. Save the password in the Password Book, then ongoing just select the “name” to encrypt, and during the decrypt cycle the product will find the correct password if it is stored in the Password Book.

The PC-Encrypt Inc. encryption software does not contain any adware, spyware, backdoors, secret keys, etc. It does not require you to employ any “service” in order to operate (and note that some encryption service sites are now blocked by other sites due to “spam” issues). All is under your control. Our software does not require a “public key”, which is complex to employ, and which requires separate encryption for each recipient, and which enables the delivery of (encrypted) SPAM. The PC-Encrypt Inc. encryption software only requires that you and the recipient(s) share a secret password, which is provided directly by you, or by our free “Key-Exchange” service.

For more information on our encryption products and their capabilities, take a look at A-Lock for E-Mail, PC-Encrypt for Files/folders, and PC-Docmail for automatic delivery of E-Documents.