Conduct a Key-Exchange:

Request “Key-Exchange” to generate a new password and distribute it securely by email to you and other email address(es) that you provide – or you can provide a password of your choice. Note that all parties must be registered with “Key-Exchange” – see “Register with Key-Exchange”.

Verify Key-Exchange User:

Check to see if a person is registered with Key-Exchange. If the person is registered you can immediately exchange passwords. If the person is not registered you can elect to have Key-Exchange send an automated email asking him/her to register with Key-Exchange so you can exchange a new password key.

Register with Key-Exchange:

Register with Key-Exchange to receive your unique Transfer-Key (this takes 20 seconds), then you can exchange new passwords with other registered users. The Transfer-Key is used to securely encrypt password keys sent to you by Key-Exchange. This is a free service.

Why Key-Exchange?

To exchange private encrypted data both the sender and the recipient must use the same secret password. The most secure passwords are made up of a long string of totally random characters. Such a password can be very difficult to communicate accurately to other people. Key-Exchange is the simple answer to this problem. Key-Exchange will create a full-strength random password and deliver it securely by email. MORE

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do not keep any record of password keys generated by Key-Exchange. If you lose a password there is no way that it can be recovered. We suggest that you use the Password Book “Backup” feature in the product’s “Options” section.