AVG PC TuneUp is the older name of AVG TuneUp. It can efficiently help you in optimizing different aspects of your PC to provide maximum performance. It can disable or remove the software and tools that are decreasing the speed of your PC, maintain hard disk, resolve registry issues, remove temporary data files, enable power saving modes, perform disk cleaning for security and can free up disk space in order to improve the overall conditions. It is developed by AVG Technologies which is a subsidiary of Avast Software. It is a Trialware that is very useful for the system maintenance purpose.


System Maintenance:
AVG PC TuneUp is the ultimate computer application that is capable to ensure that your system is operating at its best. It performs accurate scans on PC to determine any issues that are being faced and then takes necessary steps with user permission to solve those. The scan finds Registry issues, broken shortcuts, system cache & logs, browser data, system startup & shutdown errors as well as performs disk fragmentation. Either this process can be carried out manually or it can be automated by configuring the settings for Integration, Notifications, Rescue Center Protection and Password Protection.


Speed Optimization:
The speed of PC can be increased considerably with the help of Speed Up tool. On the basis of system scan results, it shows the number of potential optimizations. Then you can optimize background and startup programs to allow Windows to load quicker. It shows the list of programs that are responsible for slow speed of computer and lets you disable them if they are not required. Through this tab, you can enable Turbo Mode to boost up the speed, analyze CPU usage, view system information and can see Optimization Report to check the actions that have been taken.


Disk Cleaning:
The software enables users to keep the hard disk of their PC cleaned. This can be done by visiting the option of Free Up Space. Here the users can find and remove duplicate files, delete large files and folders that are occupying extra memory space, uninstall unused programs to make space, shred important files to improve privacy and remove broken shortcuts that are invalid.


Other Features:
AVG PC TuneUp enables you to view all the installed programs on PC and delete the ones that have been unused since their installation. Hard disk can be improved by defragmenting it, checking for errors, permanently deleting confidential files and removing files that are duplicated. Data Usage can be improved by deleting browser data and emptying system cache. Registry issues can be fixed to avoid unnecessary problems. Battery consumption can be optimized by switching to Economy, Standard or Turbo modes. The settings can be configured by users to enforce their preferences.


AVG PC Tuneup Tools:
• Disk Cleaner
• Disk Defrag
• Registry Cleaner
• Registry Defrag
• Internet Optimizer
• Track Eraser
• Disk Wiper
• File Shredder
• File Recovery
• Startup Manager
• Uninstall Manage.


All in all, AVG PC TuneUp used to be amazing software. Even though it has been discontinued, but its descendant, AVG PC TuneUp is introduced with even more and much better functionalities. It can make sure that the performance and speed of your PC is high, even if it has got older.


You can use trial version of AVG PC Tuneup for 15 days maximum. After you have tried out the product, its license can be purchased for $39.99 with 1-year subscription.



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