Is your privacy worth taking 30 seconds to protect, for free? Would you share very private information by writing it on a postcard? How do your friends feel about you sharing their confidential information with the Internet community?

When you send email, it is the same as sending a postcard. All the content can be viewed by all, anywhere on the path from the sender to the receiver. Often, this information is stored ‘forever’.

You can download/install our security software for **FREE**, and protect your private information immediately, and forever. It is SIMPLE to install, and SIMPLE to use.

You should be aware of the following:

  • Your Email is open to ANYONE having access to any computer or any transmission equipment from the sender to the receiver.
  • When you are online, you are constantly, silently, bombarded by “probes” trying to access any “valuable” information stored on your computer.
  • New viruses are becoming increasingly sophisticated, attempting to create a silent “backdoor” into your computer, and then accessing your information.

The only sure way to secure private information is to use encryption.

If you wish to do a quick check on the state of Internet security, we recommend that you visit the following links:

Free security check on your computer HERE

Free scan-for-spyware software

  • Spybot Search and Destroy HERE
  • Lavasoft Remove Adware HERE

General information:

  • A Security Checklist for Windows Users HERE
  • Information on auto “sniffers” HERE
  • Report: Increased attacks to find your info HERE
  • The average PC: Spyware Hotel HERE
  • Who’s spying on your LAN HERE
  • Ten Risks of PKI – by Bruce Schneier and Carl Ellison HERE
  • Fake Digital Certificates HERE


Your Windows “Documents and Settings” folders store all your Internet tracks, forever, in the Local Settings “dat” files. Free software to inspect and erase content (requires some computer knowledge) HERE