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A-Lock secures the email you type. ALL popular email programs. ALL Windows. SIMPLE! STRONG! FAST!



PC-ENCRYPT encrypts, compresses, erases files and folders. ALL Windows. SIMPLE! STRONG! FAST!



PC-DOCMAIL encrypts, compresses and sends any file, Direct-to-Desktop by E-Mail. ALL Windows. ALL E-Mail.

  • What a wonderful programme PC-Encrypt is. User-friendly, and very quick. Thanks for developing an easy to use programme to encrypt folders, etc., and for erasing files.

    R Clarke

  • 5 Stars for PC-Encrypt *****


  • I too have been looking for something simple enough to use so I could get my email penpals to use it. I worked out my own bugs with my sons. Now I’m ready to A-Lock my pen pals. If you download the free program you have one click encrypt and one click decrypt. It can’t be any simpler than that.
    Thanks a lot.



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